About Us

Our Mission

To help organizations and individuals create the future of their choice by assessing and focusing human energy through the lens of a clearly articulated vision.


Human Productivity Systems (HPS) was founded in 1986 as a consulting firm that specializes in organization and human development. We knew that the first step in an effective development process is an accurate diagnosis of current circumstances within the organization. To accomplish this, we developed the Job-Person-Environment Assessment (JPEAssessment) as our primary diagnostic tool, which reveals employees' work-related perceptions and preferences. We analyze these results to determine which factors are most likely to affect employees' ability to be their best at work. We then develop, in collaboration with the client, strategies for removing obstacles to both individual and organizational excellence.

We have used innovative tools and designed and delivered customized consulting services and training programs to a wide variety of organizations and industries in both the public and private sectors. Whether the need was a comprehensive consulting engagement or a short-term training program, our services have provided immediately usable strategies for individual, team, and organization development and productivity improvement.


Before embarking on the journey toward your chosen future, you should have a relatively clear image of what is possible and what it will take to make that image your reality. This is based on our belief that you have a choice, even about your future, and you can create the future of your choice.

The context for our consulting and training services is A Model for Change: Creating the Future of Your Choice, the five parts of which are:

  • Vision — Image of possibilities
  • Energy — Fuel for the journey
  • Opportunities — Assessment of probabilities
  • Plans — Maps to the envisioned destination
  • Partnerships — Strategic alliances with others

Your Will to Succeed is the "force" that pulls and holds these parts together.