JPEAssessment™ Certification

Today's work environment often calls for doing more (or less) with less and in a shorter period of time. It is essential that you have accurate information about the factors that affect the energy of the people on whom you must depend. The most valuable information will help you fully leverage the energizing factors and minimize the negative impacts of any draining factors or barriers that may exist. The JPEAssessment™ (JPEA&trade) provides reliable information about the often-ignored work-related perceptions and behavioral preferences which can be used to help people move toward their chosen future with more energy, clarity, and resolve.

Who Should Consider Certification?

Anyone who is engaged in helping others realize their potential, either as individuals or within an organization, and is looking to increase the effectiveness of their services. The following is a list of applications where the JPEA™ has proven to be useful:

  • Employee Selection, Placement, and Orientation
  • Job Design/Re-Design and Succession Planning
  • Conflict Resolution, Team-Building, Partnership Development
  • Strategic Coaching, Personal Counseling, Career Development, Outplacement
  • Organization Development, Change Management, Culture or Climate Analysis
  • It is important that you have a reasonably clear idea about how you will incorporate the JPEA™ into your practice or organization. You should only consider participating if you already possess consulting or counseling skills because those skills will not be taught at this Workshop.

What You Will Get If You Participate

Even though it is serious business, the Workshop is fun, upbeat, and experiential. During the Workshop, you will:

  • Gain a working knowledge of the JPEA™ and what it measures
  • Practice interpreting JPEA™ results for others in the "safety" of the Workshop setting
  • Get practical suggestions and assistance in designing JPEA™ applications
  • Experience how the parts of the JPEA™ work separately and in combination
  • Acquire training that prepares you for "real world" experiences

Learn more about how consultants and counselors can benefit from having the JPEA™ in their toolkit.



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