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To excel, organizations must create an environment that inspires people to bring and give their best…every day. There are simple (though not easy) ways to do this. It starts with ensuring that there is respect for everyone’s ability to contribute value. It continues with helping organizational leaders recognize the fact that they can encourage, enable, and support excellence, but they cannot demand it. Therefore, the leader’s biggest challenge becomes one of creating and maintaining an environment that inspires employees to choose excellence and give their best.

The Leadership Academies

Context – The context for the Academies is a six-part leadership module called A Model for Change: Creating the Future of Your Choice. The Model’s premise is that leaders can create a future of their choice and that there are ways that they can enhance their chances for success. The six (6) parts of the model are Energy, fuel for the journey, Opportunities, a survey of current reality and the landscape ahead, Vision, the lens though which the future is viewed, Plans, the maps to the chosen destination, Partnerships, the key alliances that need to be cultivated and nurtured along the way, and the Will to Succeed, the “glue” that pulls and hold the parts together.

Leadership Tool: The JPEAssessment- Participants in the Academies will learn how to use the JPEAssessment as a leadership tool for inspiring others to excel, discovering and developing organizational talent, building teams and teamwork, making more informed employee selection and placement choices, and gathering insight and perspective into decision-making.



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