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HPS offers a variety of training opportunities for clients. Although they are “standard” offerings, we are always willing to customize the content and format to meet clients’ needs and expectations.

Coping with Negative Behavior without Becoming Negative Yourself

This workshop is designed for those who want to develop skills and perspective for coping with negative people – be it a boss, colleague, peer or client.It is a reality that some people are born jerks, live their life that way, and that’s how they will check out. It is also a reality that some people don’t know how to be a “good” person when working with others.

Working Successfully with Customers: Staying Courteous Under Pressure

All of us who work have customers. For some, your customer is external to the organization – visitors, vendor, end users of your products or services, everyone. For all of us, there is another group we serve – our internal customers – a co-worker, an executive, a shareholder or other stakeholder, a colleague from your own or another department.

Managing Workplace Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Situations, People, and Times

While there is no way to avoid the conflict we face at work and in our lives, we do have options for resolving the conflict, for improving relationships, both on and off the job, and for improving the quality of our work life.

Today’s work environment often calls for doing more (or less) with less and in a shorter period of time. It is essential that you have accurate information about the factors that affect the energy of the people on whom you must depend. The most valuable information will help you fully leverage the energizing factors and minimize the negative impacts of any draining factors or barriers that may exist. The JPEAssessment™ (JPEA™) provides reliable information about the often-ignored work-related perceptions and behavioral preferences which can be used to help people move toward their chosen future with more energy, clarity, and resolve.



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